Christmas Gifts - Fragrant Paperwhites by Monroe County Flowers in Michigan (MI).


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Paperwhites & Winterberry in Gathering Vase

SEND this gift NOW and your loved ones will enjoy watching the paperwhites grow throughout the holiday season.  The paperwhite narcissus bulbs have been carefully planted in time to bloom before Christmas.  Just add a little bit of water and sunlight; the rest will take care of itself.  The Winterberry Holly stems keep the 6"x8" vase beautifully full while waiting for the narcissus to bloom. These paperwhites will be ready for full enjoyment at Christmastime, and the delicate flowers will last for up to two weeks after blossoming.


(Picture taken on December 2nd.)


WInterberry is SOLD OUT, I will put Hypericum berries with this item as replacement

The perfect harmony of rustic elegance ready to bloom just in time for Christmas.  Delightfully fragrant paperwhite narcissus growing in a bed of rustic river pebbles.  These snowy white clusters, paired with fresh Winterberry Holly stems in a beautiful glass gathering vase, make a dramatic centerpiece or holiday bouquet.  Send as a Christmas gift to your loved ones in Monroe County.


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Paperwhites belong to a group of Daffodils that are not hardy for us, but are easily gown in pots or vases indoors.  Their large clusters of pure white flowers arch above graceful, blue-green foliage, and their perfume fills a room with fragrance.  Bulbs are currently growing and can be ordered for delivery anywhere in Monroe, MI by your local florist in Monroe - Monroe County Flowers.  We also offer custom gift baskets, fresh flower arrangements, and other unique gift ideas for free delivery anywhere in Monroe County.