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Frequently Asked Questions

1.    Where is your flower shop located?

        We are located in the heart of Monroe County, MI in Ida township. Unlike most other Monroe florists, our flower shop is a private facility. We are not a retail flower shop open to the public, but a highly experienced florist specializing in corporate accounts, telephone orders, and internet orders. By operating in this fashion, we are able to eliminate the costs of a retail storefront, and pass those savings on to you.

2.    Where do you get your flowers from?

        We have accounts with major cut flower, live plant, and floral supplies distributors such as Cleveland Plant and Flower Co., Mayesh (formerly Southview Inc.), Hills Floral Group, DWF Toledo Florists, Lakewood Greenhouses, Lehman Greenhouses, Post Gardens, Main's Importing, Burton and Burton, and others. With our strong buying power, we're able to take advantage of special buys, which save you money.

3.    What experience does Monroe County Flowers have as a florist?

        While we have a significant web presence, our company is rather small, with most of the floral design performed by the owner, Dave Staelgraeve. Dave's Grandparents, Victor and Helen Staelgraeve started their flower shop in Monroe (North Monroe Greenhouse) in 1939. Dave was born in 1961 right here in Monroe, and spent most of his life involved with his Grandparents business in one way or another. With the newest and most high-tech floral company in Monroe, Dave is one of Monroe's premiere floral designers, and can work in multiple mediums, from fresh or silk flowers to wood. From a simple vase of flowers to some of the most complex arrangements you could imagine, our use of premium flowers combined with masterful design at Monroe's most affordable prices make our floral designs special. Whatever the occasion, we will make sure the flower arrangement you send shows how much you care.


4.    Do you really offer "Free Delivery" in Monroe County?

        Delivery of our flower arrangements and other floral products is all we do, so we don't charge extra for it in Monroe County. The price listed on our website is the actual price for flowers delivered to any location in Monroe County, MI. The only addition to our listed price is for 6% Michigan Sales Tax added to all flower orders delivered to a Michigan address. We do collect a fee of $3.00 for delivery to Toledo, Sylvania, Holland, and Maumee, OH. This is to help offset the additional costs of making these flower deliveries to Toledo. It is our plan to build up our deliveries to the Toledo area to a level where we can eliminate even this small fee for Ohio flower deliveries.

5.    Can I order flowers through Monroe County Flowers to send to places outside your delivery area?

        Sorry, we only take orders for flowers we will deliver within our delivery area. We believe that ordering directly from the florist who will make your arrangement or gift is the best way for you to ensure you are getting the most for your money. We view order consolidator and floral wire service companies as unnecessary and not in the consumer's best interests. We are always happy to help you find a florist in another city or town. We use to look up florists in other cities, making sure to scroll down past the top area of paid ads, which tends to be full of order consolidator companies. Ordering directly from the florist who will be making your flower arrangement and delivering it will eliminate sales commissions to order "skimmers", and to the wire service company. We suggest strong negotiation with the florist who will make your order, and even calling several local flower shops in the area, looking for specials, and for the shop willing to give to good value for buying direct.. You may find a deal, and at the least, you'll let the florist you do give the order to notice that you are well informed and will be aware if they do not deliver a good floral arrangement.

6.    Are you associated with any other florists in Monroe, MI?

        No. Many think that because of our d/b/a name "Staelgraeve Flowers", we are associated with North Monroe Greenhouses which was started by my Grandparents in 1939. We do not have any association with them. It is important to note that I do own the domain name,, which I registered when my family still owned North Monroe Greenhouses, and I worked there. I have owned the domain long before North Monroe Greenhouse even had a website, or had been sold to it's current owners. We also have no association with Deb's Flowers in Monroe.

7.    For flowers delivered to Toledo or Sylvania, do you collect Ohio Sales Tax?

        At this time, we do not collect sales tax on orders we ship to Toledo OH. If Ohio tax laws and interstate commerce rules change, we may have to begin collecting tax on Ohio deliveries at a later date.

8.     You do not guarantee times on your flower deliveries. Why?

        You will not find other Monroe florists who delivers to a larger geographical area than we do. Nor will you find one who offers free flower delivery in Monroe County, MI. In order to keep our prices the best available and cover the entire county, we must have flexibility in routing orders for maximum efficiency. This sometimes precludes our ability to be in a certain area at a specific time. Just because we don't guarantee delivery times, it doesn't mean we don't try our best to accommodate every single order. In most instances, we are able to deliver your flowers within a requested time frame. If time is a critical factor for your flower delivery, please give us a call. We do our utmost to give you honest and frank estimates of when we can be at your flower delivery. If we believe we can't make it within the time you need it to be there, we will give you suggestions as to what other flower shops in the Monroe Michigan or Toledo Ohio area you might want to call. We want your flowers to get where they're going, even if we can't deliver them.

9.     What about delivery of funeral flowers? Can you guarantee delivery times on flowers for a funeral?

        For family flowers such as casket sprays and other family pieces, we do our utmost to make sure we are there with your order on time. Since we usually have ample notice of when visitation starts on family orders, we can schedule accordingly, even if we have to work late or start early to make sure we get your order made. We understand the importance of getting flowers to the funeral home for visitations and services. If we don't truly believe we can have your flowers delivered on time, we will honestly tell you. For other sympathy flowers ordered the same day as visitation, we prioritize deliveries to the local funeral homes, and schedule our other deliveries around the funeral home deliveries accordingly. Again, while we do not guarantee times, we will go to considerable effort to get your sympathy flowers to the funeral home so they are there in time for viewing.

10.     Is there anything I should know about ordering flowers for holidays such as Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Christmas, etc;? I want to get a good deal on flowers.

        Order early! Check our website regularly for deals, especially around the holidays. For Valentine's Day, we offer a dozen long stem red roses on early pre-book orders for an incredibly low price. You usually have to order by January 15th to get that price. We start working several months in advance to get the best prices on flowers for different occasions, and offer pricing other Monroe florists don't. We have specials for every holiday. Always order early if at all possible. We intend to sell out every year on Valentine's Day and Mother's Day, and we have sold out as planned. For some holidays, as much as 65% of our orders are placed online. By ordering online, we are able to be more efficient, and keep our pricing down. Due to the overwhelming demand, we usually find we have to stop taking orders a day or two before a big flower holiday such as Valentine's Day or Mother's Day. While we always hope to increase capacity, to make sure you get the best flowers and gifts for your loved one at Monroe's lowest prices, order as early as possible!